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The SOCOM variant is a weapon system rather than just a pistol; the system includes the weapon itself, the AN/PEQ-6 Laser Aiming Module (LAM) manufactured by Insight Technology, and the large suppressor produced by Knight's Armament Company. Weapons manufactured for military use have MK23 USSOCOM engraved on the slide; total production of the SOCOM version was a little under 2,000 units What SOCOM Wanted. The four most basic requirements were: .45 AUTO chambering, M1913 Picatinny rail, day/night sights, and capability of accepting a suppressor. Among other required or desirable features were: • Minimum magazine capacity of eight rounds with an additional magazine of no less than 10 rounds In August of 1991, two developmental contracts were awarded for a new pistol that would be designed specifically for the Special Operation Command (SOCOM). The contracts were awarded to Colt's Manufacturing Company and Heckler & Koch. This new pistol was to be the most advanced handgun that the world has ever known

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  1. Socom Tactical Airsoft is a premium airsoft retailer selling an extensive range of airsoft related items with new products available every week. At Socom Tactical, you can buy airsoft guns and accessories both online and at our Airsoft Shop in Fleet. If there is something you are after, but can't find, please get in contact.As a leading airsoft retailer we will endeavour to source it for yo
  2. The .458 Socom is a pretty fun round to fire off no matter what the application. Plus, it can be super accurate if you are able to shoot at anything that is situated from a good 100 to 200 yards out. Bottom Line. The Anderson Manufacturing .458 Socom stripped upper is no slouch when it comes to quality
  3. .458 SOCOM Complete Assembled Upper - Right Hand $ 699.00 - $ 869.00 Select options.458 SOCOM 8″ Micro Complete Assembled Upper - Right Handed $ 749.00 - $ 849.00 Select options.458 SOCOM Builders Special - Left Handed $ 620.00 - $ 790.00 Select options; Builders Special .458 SOCOM - Right Handed $ 499.00 - $ 670.00 Select option

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Discounted complete 458 SOCOM upper assembly. This best in class AR15 upper is made specifically for the 458 SOCOM, from the most trusted brands including Wilson Combat, CMMG, and much more The M6C/SOCOM (M6S), also known as the Automag, is a semi-automatic pistol and a variant of the M6C magnum sidearm.. It is used by UNSC special operations units.It is the secondary weapon of special forces Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and is used in operations that rely on stealth rather than direct engagements Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Non-Blowback Gas Pistol. The Tokyo Marui MK23 is an iconic pistol, taken to the next level of performance. This TM SOCOM is also one of the most popular primary weapons among the sniper community. Other than it's superb range and accuracy, what truly sets this pistol apart from the rest is how quiet it is Created from 4150 CMV steel, it is ready to take on larger-caliber cartridges and is specially designed for the .458 SOCOM. Faxon Firearms has further added a black-nitride salt bath finish that is a gorgeous flat black and helps resist both corrosion and reflection. It features a 1-in-14 rate of twist, a pistol-length gas system, and button. H&K MARK 23 は、 ドイツ の 銃器 メーカー H&K 社が開発した 自動式拳銃 である。. MARK 23 は、民生市場向けの製品名で、 軍 用市場向けには Mk.23 などの製品名で販売されており、 アメリカ合衆国 では Mk.23 Mod.0 の制式名称で採用している。. 日本 では単に ソーコム (SOCOM)や ソーコムピストル (SOCOM PISTOL)などの通称でも知られる。

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Known to USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) as the Mark 23, Mod 0. It is the pistol of choice for U.S. Special Forces. It uses .45 ACP (automatic colt pistol, for those of you not in the know). It also comes with a Knights flash and sound supressor and a laser aiming module. It has a 150mm barrel(5.9 inches) and is capable of match-grade accuracy Not the most accurate airsoft pistol I've had but a barrel upgrade should make it so. Outer barrel is plastic. Read more. One person found this helpful. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. pirateman93. 5.0 out of 5 stars i'm in love. Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2012. Verified Purchase The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has bought a significant number of Glock 19s over the years for various units as part of a program dubbed the Family of Low Visibility Concealable Pistols We offer AR-15 complete uppers in a variety of calibers - 223/5.56, 300 Blackout, 7.62x39, 6.8 SPC II, 6.5 Grendel, 458 Socom, 224 Valkyrie. We also have AR-15 uppers in pistol calibers like 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. All our AR-15 complete uppers are carefully assembled and inspected for quality assurance. Get the best prices and fast shipping on high quality AR 15 parts from brands you trust.

Manuální pistole H&K MK23 SOCOM od špičkové japonské firmy Marui. Od levných manuálních pistolí se liší především kvalitním zpracováním, spolehlivostí a zabudovaným HopUp systémem, který má zásadní vliv na dostřel a přesnost zbraně. Pistole se před každým výstřelem natahuje ručním posunutím závěru dozadu SOCOM762 RC2 Suppressor. SOCOM 2 Series Fast-Attach® Sound Suppressor (Silencer) $1,199.0 CMMG AR15 AR 15 PISTOL BANSHEE 200 MKW-15, 12.5 Pistol .458 SOCOM 1-10 RD Mag BLACK, New In Box, NO SALES TO CALIFORNIA, know your own state laws as to... (read more) Gun #: 97544614

I took the pistol AR equipped with the Radical Firearms .458 SOCOM upper receiver to the range to test it out and blow about $160 worth of ammunition in 30 minutes. The gun and the round function. Popis produktu Manuální airsoftová zbraň ASG DL60 SOCOM vyrobena pod licencí ASG na Taiwanu. ASG DL60 SOCOM je po modelářské i funkční stránce velmi povedenou zbraní, bytelné konstrukce, příjemného ovládání i držení. Součástí balení je i tlumič

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  1. Built for pure performance and extreme use, the new SOCOM edition Special Forces pistol from Ed Brown has everything you need for serious performance. All the engineering, precision manufacturing, and hand-fitting the Brown family is famous for is included. The SOCOM edition sports a Trijicon SOCOM RMR in Coyote Brown, which goes nicely with our.
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  3. Socom Gear Full Metal M1911 Gas Blow Back Pistol in Tan SOCOM GEAR $155.00 Description: The release of the SOCOM Gear 1911 has been high anticipated by those that know what this pistol is. To the untrained eye it may lo... View full details $155.00 Quick shop Add to cart.
  4. Home / AR-15 /.458 SOCOM /.458 SOCOM caliber 12.5″ length.458 SOCOM caliber 12.5″ length $ 309.99. AR15 .458 SOCOM caliber barrel with extension 416R stainless steel 3 polygonal rifling. Expected delivery will be from 6 to 12 weeks depending on caliber selected and production schedules
  5. Like most odd calibers, the .458 SOCOM round is on the pricey side of things. The Freedom Munitions Big Grains round price works out to be $1.60 per shot which isn't too bad of a price for the..
  6. The pistol's background is storied, which contributes to its aura. Heckler & Koch GmbH, or HK, based in Germany, developed the MK23 Model 0 in 1991, and it would be eventually be adopted by U.S. Special Operations Command, or SOCOM. According to the manual . .
  7. Maple Leaf 138mm 6.04 Crazy Jet Inner Barrel for GBB Pistol MK23/High Cappa 6 £24.95 New product, the Hadron Airsoft Designs FANG plate, designed to fit under the hop arm of the Mk23

cmmg inc. mkw-15 k pistol 458 socom. out of stock (0) cmmg inc. mkw-15 k pistol 458 socom. out of stock (2) great lakes ammo 458 socom 300gr hornady hp 20rds. out of stock (0) hsm bear ammo .458 socom. out of stock (0) lyman msr precision die system 458 socom out of stock (0). Bolt Carrier Group and Charging Handle come complete with this upper. 10.5 inch 458 SOCOM 4150 Vanadium Steel Barrel. 1 in 14 inch Twist Rate. 5/8x32 TPI. 458 SOCOM Chamber. HPT/MPI. Single Feed Ramp. Low Profile .936 inch Micro Gas Block. Stainless pistol-length gas tube. Direct Gas Impingement. Radical Firearms Panzer 5/8x32 Brake SOCOM Gear is one of the biggest providers of officially licensed products from the biggest names in the firearms industry. SOCOM Gear is dedicated to producing rifles, pistols, parts and accessories all made with strict attention to detail to match their Real Steel counterparts

Davidson Defense Biofilm AR-15 Pistol Upper Receiver 10.5 .223 Wylde 416R Stainless 1-7T Barrel 12 M-Lok Handguard (Assembled Only) (0) $584.99 $279.99 Sal Socom Tactical supplies all the products you need to modify and upgrade your MK23 Pistol. We supply some of the best manufactures. These upgraded and standards parts can be used to increase the range, efficiency and accuracy of your Spring Powered, Gas Blowback or Electric pistol. We have a large selection of upgrade parts, such as the DTD MK23. In the early 1990s US SOCOM needed a new service pistol. They held the Offensive Handgun Weapon System trials. Only Colt and H&K participated. The Colt OHWS failed the trials which let the door wide open for H&K to submit their entry the MK23MOD0. It won the contract and H&K makes a civilian version called the MARK23

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Rock River Arms, Inc. offers a complete line of American made, custom built AR15 style rifles Tokyo Marui MK23 SOCOM Fixed Slide Full Set Pistol Gas Injected Pistol with Semi-Automatic Shooting Mode Innovative Hop-Up Thumb Dial located inside the gun (can see after dissemble the slide) Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 is authentic replica Excellent

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Custom Deal AR-15 Big Bore Build Starter Featuring A 16 .458 SOCOM 4150 CMV 1-14T Heavy Barrel And KAK Industries 4 Prong Phantom Style Muzzle Brake (Unassembled) $254.99 $109.99 Sale In Stock The program was notable as it was the first joint program run by SOCOM. The resulting handgun was supposed to amalgamate the features of the myriad of handguns being used by special units of.


  1. Ideal for home protection and personal defense, the SAINT Pistol gives you the performance you expect at an affordable price. 5.56. MSRP $849. M1A™ SOCOM 16 Rifles. In both tactical and traditional forms, the SOCOM 16 will answer your call for a compact tactical rifle without sacrificing power..308 WIN. MSRP $1987 - $2422
  2. The HK MK23, HK Mark 23, MK23 SOCOM is a semi-automatic large frame pistol chambered in . 45 ACP, specifically designed to be an offensive pistol. The HK MK23 has defeated all it's competitors after being subjected to the toughest comparative trials of the US Army Special Operations Command
  3. This is a photo of a heavily modified Colt 1911 designed for use by the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) troops. The pistol has an integral suppressor and laser sighting device
  4. If you are planning to build your first AR-15 chambered .458 SOCOM rifle, you have quite the project ahead of you. Although there are is a sheer abundance of parts and accessories available for the more popular calibers like the 5.56mm NATO, the .308 Winchester, the 6.5 Creedmoor, and the .300 Blackout, finding the best .458 SOCOM upper receiver is going to be more difficult as it is a rarer.

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MK23 Socom Airsoft Pistol; MK23 Socom Silencer; Magazine; User Manual; Special Instructions: This weapon is a non-blowback, meaning the slide does not cycle when the weapon is fired, making it much more efficient. Please do not manually work or rack the slide as it is not designed to do this and will cause damage First Strike FSC Socom Paintball Pistol. $749.95 . Quick view. Add to Wishlist. First Strike T15 DMR Paintball Gun. $609.95 . Quick view. Add to Wishlist. First Strike FSC Paintball Pistol. $319.95 . Description The new Ed Brown SOCOM Edition pistol is a full, government size handgun with a single stack frame and chambered in .45 ACP. The dust cover portion of the frame has an accessory rail. The gun is a suppressor ready package with suppressor height night sights and threaded barrel The .458 SOCOM cartridges are tailored for 9.5-inch barrels and work very well with up to 16-inch barrels. After this, barrel length does not improve velocity. With this in mind, a barrel length of 10.5 inches is a fairly popular choice. This model comes with a pistol-length gas system and 1:14-inch twist rate

SOCOM pistol case. Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2012. Verified Purchase. This case is very similar to the camouflage case HK used to include with the Mark-23, but better! The nylon (possibly Cordura)is extremely durable, and the zipper is high quality and works flawlessly! I looked at some of the lower priced soft cases and they. H&K MK23 Socom comes with suppressor and flashlight weapon is animated replaces the pistol or heavy pistol, you choose Model source: https://gamebanana.com/skins/1203 XX-Treme Barrel Co. 16 1-14 Twist Hbar .458 Socom Engraved Barrel (Cryo Treated

Re: Optics suggestions for 458 SOCOM EOTech because you will only be looking around 250M or less. A 250M zero with an EOTech will give you solid holds for closer targets with a bit of range practice. For the range practice I recommend at least three magazines worth of shooting. 1 Mag - 250 1/2 Mag - 200 1 mag - 150 1/2 mag - 10 AR-15 .458 Socom 10 pistol upper assembly w/ 10 free float rail. AR-15 .458 Socom 10 pistol upper assembly w/ 10 free float rail. Barrel - 10 4150CMV steel hbar barrel, M4 feedramps, non-fluted. Parkerized finish. Chambered in .458 Socom. Button rifled with 1-14 rh twist. .875 under gas block diameter. Threaded 5/8x24. Carbine gas system

Details about SOCOM GEAR Hitman M9 Airsoft Pistol Full Metal Gas Blowback - NEEDS MAGAZINE! See original listing. SOCOM GEAR Hitman M9 Airsoft Pistol Full Metal Gas Blowback - NEEDS MAGAZINE! SCG SOCOM Gear Full Metal SOF M9A1 Replica Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Gun BLACK. $164.95. Free shipping MK23 SOCOM Pistol (named MK23 Mod 0 in milspec version) is a semi-auto handgun consisting of a match grade handgun, a laser aiming module (LAM) and supressor. It was designed as an offensive handgun based on the USSOCOM Offensive Handgun Weapon System Project around late 1991 and did competition with its rival OHWS Pistol. After MK23 won the competition, it developed into MK23 Mod 0 and. The SOCOM Gear Full Metal 1911 Punisher features a full metal construction with textured grip panels, along with an aggressive style compensator and a two-tone finish. The grip of the gun also features a lanyard ring allowing the gun to be tethered to the shooter just in case it is dropped, and each gun comes with its own hard carrying case Check price Socom Profile Barrel And Custom 9mm Pistol PDF downloa

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About 458 SOCOM Steinel Ammunition is known for our 300-grain JHP 458 SOCOM load. Since then we have not only added more calibers, but we have also added more SOCOM loads to help fill the various roles that this caliber can handle. Maker Bullets - These solid copper hollow points offer world-class expansion and weight retention One of the more interesting—and powerful—upgrades for the standard AR-15 rifle is an upper receiver in .458 SOCOM. Although nearly twice as wide as the .223/5.56 cartridge, .458 SOCOM can. Discreet SOCOM Pistol Case. Rating Required. Comments Required. This fully-modular pistol case includes a universal holster and barrel pouch, sound suppressor pouch, adjustable double mag pouch and UTL light pouch. View Specifications. Current Stock: Decrease Quantity: - Increase. Discreet Socom Pistol Case. 66SS00BK. kompletní popis. Na skladě máme kdy bude zboží u vás? 1 . Cena s DPH 2 670 Kč . Počet: Koupit . Popis zboží. Tento plně modulární kufřík obsahuje 5 univerzálních pouzder - viz obrázek. Plně modulární kapsy pro vlastní konfiguraci.


SOCOM just picked up a new lightweight machine gun. U.S. Special Operations Command has officially taken delivery of Sig Sauer's MG 338 machine gun, the company announced on Wednesday The SOCOM Gear Full Metal M9A1 SOF is an excellent new pistol that was just added to the SOCOM Gear line up. The slide is solidly constructed of metal with white etching on the side for a realistic action and look. The lower frame is also metal for a realistic feel and weight; and the frame features a weaver rail to mount lasers and flashlights Shop for Best Price 9mm Semi Automatic And 458 Socom Pistol Upper .Compare Price and Options of 9mm Semi Automatic And 458 Socom Pistol Upper from variety stor Colt. Colt 10.3 SOCOM profile C marked barrel, stripped with low profile gas bloc The Aero Precision .458 SOCOM stripped upper receiver has laser-engraved T marks, M4 feed ramps and .458 SOCOM markings. It is made from 4045 T6 aluminum and does not come with a forward assist or with a port door. We also sell .458 SOCOM bolt carrier groups from Toolcraft, a company that's known for its top-of-the-line BCGs

Home » Shop » HK Pistol Parts » HK MK23, HK Mark 23, SOCOM » HK Mark 23 - Barrels. Showing all 11 results. Bore Boss Pull-Through Bore Cleaner - .44/.45. $10.95 $ 10.95 Add to cart. Barrel O-Ring All HK .45 Caliber Pistols - Green. $4.95 $ 4.95 Add to cart. Barrel O-Ring All HK .45 Caliber Pistols - Red. Pistolet ASG DL60 Socom. Sprężynowa replika pistoletu DL60 z tłumikiem. Pistolet wyposażono w szynę akcesoryjną weaver, umożliwiającą montaż oporządzenia taktycznego (celownik laserowy lub latarka) Black Rain Ordnance SPEC15, Semi-automatic Pistol, 458 Socom, 10.5″ Barrel, Aluminum Frame, Tigers Eye Brown Finish, SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, 10Rd, 1 Magazine BRO-SPEC-458-P-SBA3-TE $ 1,494.95 Read mor M4 SOCOM Complete Pistol. SKU: SOCOMPISTOL. Availability: Usually Ships in 2 to 4 Weeks. $1,450.00) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. Write a Review × M4 SOCOM Complete Pistol.

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  1. um and lightweight glass filled nylon, this marker is modular and ready for action. Run it as your primary or fold the stock and use it as your secondary
  2. The triggers vary for me but this one is a Hyperfire EDT 3. It has the bowed trigger and breaks nicely. They are sturdy and have a good solid primer strike. Obviously the Magpul MOE+ rubber pistol grip. That pretty much sums up the lower. No need for any special stuff, the SOCOM is supposed to run on a regular AR lower
  3. Omega Customs Wolf Fang AR-15 Pistol Featuring Aero Precision Upper Receiver 10.5 .223 Wylde SS 1-7T Barrel 9 M-Lok Handguard (Pre-Assembled, Ready To Ship) $599.99 $294.99 (0

TO 458 SOCOM Steinel offers a few distinct loads for 458 SOCOM enthusiasts. Two traditional jacketed hollow point loads are offered: A 300 grain JHP is the most popular and is considered by more and more customers as the best value in 458 SOCOM. Range (yds) Velocity (fps) Energy (ft-lbs) Trajectory (in) - 1866 2319 (1.5) 50 1686 1894 0.8 100. SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs is a video game classified as a tactical third-person shooter developed by Zipper Interactive and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is an exclusive title for the PlayStation 2. SOCOM was released on August 27, 2002, and is one of the earliest online titles available for the PS2's online adapter. In addition to the 12 offline single player missions, SOCOM also. The .458 SOCOM achieves optimum ballistic performance in barrel lengths shorter than 16 so there is no need for longer, less portable barrels. In our opinion the .458 SOCOM has several design and performance advantages over the.450 Bushmaster and the .500 Beowulf including improved functional reliability and the use of a standard AR magazine We offer our exclusive Lifetime Warranty on all products manufactured by Radical Firearms as long as you own the product! PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Regardless of the page you are on, if you are ordering one of our manufactured uppers, lowers, pistols or AR products, DUE TO AN OVER-WHELMING NUMBER OF ORDERS ONLINE WE ARE CEASING ORDERS FOR THE REMAINDER OF 2020 The .458 SOCOM (11.63×40mm) is a moderately large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. The 300-grain (19 g) round offers a supersonic muzzle velocity of 1,900 ft/s (580 m/s) and 2,405 ft⋅lbf (3,261 J), similar to a light .45-70 but with a much smaller case

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.458 SOCOM. The .458 SOCOM is a big bore cartridge designed for medium to large dangerous game. Originally developed back in 2001 for the US Army SOCOM to address the need for a large heavy round that could eliminate enemy combatants behind walls, in vehicles, and basically anywhere that the small 5.56 projectile simply is deemed ineffective The Radical Firearms 10.5 Hbar Contour 458 Socom AR Pistol uses MIL-STD Upper and lower receivers along with our 9 MHR free float rail system for increased accuracy, keeping your hands cool, and giving you plenty of room for accessories. Regardless if it's your first or fiftieth, a Radical Firearms AR pistol will not disappoint The .458 SOCOM is a relatively large round designed for a specialized upper receiver that can be mounted on any AR-15 pattern lower receiver. The 300-grain (19g) round offers a muzzle velocity of 1,900ft/s (580m/s) and 2,405ft·lbf (3,261J).1 1 History 2 See also 3 References 4 External links Inspired by the lack of power offered by the 5.56 NATO cartridge used in the M4 carbine and the M16.

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One of the most sought after sniper or marksman sidearms, the legendary Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 has earned a place in airsoft's hall of fame as one of the quietest, accurate sidearms ever made. It's fixed-slide, non-blowback design makes it incredibly gas efficient allowing for even more consistent shooting The .375 SOCOM is a necked-down .458 SOCOM and is capable of pushing a 200-grain bullet at nearly 2,400 fps from an AR-15 platform. The .375 SOCOM has flatter shooting supersonic long-range performance than most Big Bore AR rounds with the added ability to shoot heavy bullet subsonic loads

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Beyond its use by US SOCOM, the Mk 23 is a sidearm of choice for GROM Polish Special Forces, Indonesian special dive groups and commandos and Malaysian police groups. The uniqueness of the Mk 23 series pistol is such that it is popularly allows it to be simply referred to as the SOCOM Pistol Echo1 Wolfsbane GBB Pistol Featuring Echo1's first M1911 Single Stack Gas Blow Back Pistol w/ Tac Light The Socom 16 is the best performing M14 variant available on the market. The Socom 16 is easy to upgrade, using standard Version 7 parts. This r... View full detail ThompsonCenter Arms - Compass Utility 308 Win 21.625 Barrel BluedBlack Composite 5-r

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SOCOM Pistol Mk 23 Mod 0 One of the most thoroughly tested handguns in history, the MK23/Mark 23 project originated in 1991 when Heckler & Koch [HK] began development for the US Special Operations. FS/Lapco FSC Compact Pistol SOCOM CQB. Die neue Kurze von FS im SOCOM Mod wurde mit einem schmaleren, kürzeren und modularen Griffstück, im Vergleich zu ihrer größeren Schwester der T8.1, konzipiert und entwickelt. Im Lieferumfang sind der gezogene LAPCO-Lauf und der Schalldämpfer enthalten Pistol, Banshee™ 200, MkW-15, 458 SOCOM $ 1,949.95. PRODUCT #: 48A9E97. SEE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION > Cerakote Finish . Add a Cerakote Finish to the Upper, Lower, and Handguar Win A LWRC SMG-45 Pistol & Colt Python Revolver ($4500 Value!) .458 SOCOM Handguns (2 Products) Filter By . Sort By: 2 Item(s) Show. per page . Radical Firearms FP10.5-458SOC-9MHR-SBA3 FP10.458SOC-9MHR-SBA3 Pistl 10.5 BBL. w/BRACE. Out of stock View Details » View Details » CMMG 48A9E97 Pistol Banshee 200 MKW-15 10rd Black.

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The PT-85 Blowback SOCOM is powered by a 12-gram CO2 cartridge. Get the look and feel of a firearms plus realistic action and handling! Lobs lightweight Gamo PBA Platinum pellets up to 560 fps. The barrel extends past the end of the pistol's frame and continues inside the removable fake suppressor Pistol » Target shooting or just plinking, take hold of the most current handgun data ». Single Shell - .458 SOCOM BuyItNow!-0 $5.00: Out-Of-Stock 1. GunAuction.com Master List. Menu. NARROW YOUR SEARCH MANUFACTURER Heckler & Koch - (4) CALIBER .45 ACP - (2).458 SOCOM - (1) CATEGORY Magazine and Clips - (4) Collectible Ammo - (1) CONDITION Unknown Grade - (3) Factory New. SOCOM Pistol. Endorsements. 8. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 17,949. Version. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Last updated 02 March 2013 3:13AM. Original upload 01 March 2013 4:03AM. Created by jakekellen . Uploaded by jakekellen. Virus scan. Safe to use . Tags for this mod. Tag this mod Description; Files 1; Images 3; Videos.

Details about SOCOM GEAR Hitman M9 Airsoft Pistol Full Metal Gas Blowback - NEEDS MAGAZINE! See original listing. SOCOM GEAR Hitman M9 Airsoft Pistol Full Metal Gas Blowback - NEEDS MAGAZINE! SCG SOCOM Gear Full Metal SOF M9A1 Replica Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol Gun BLACK. $164.95. Free shipping. Last one Aftermath SOCOM Typhon airsoft pistol; Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge; 35-rd mag; Full-/semi-auto; Metal slide; Blowback; Click the AMMO link to stock up on BBs. Check the ACCESSORIES link for CO2 cartridges and safety glasses COMPLETE AR-15 AR15 UPPER MILSPEC 458 SOCOM. Search. View Cart (0) Toggle navigation. Home; Shop . View All; AR10 & AR15 DUAL CALIBER SYSTEMS; AR10 SHOTGUN SYSTEMS; ROLLER LOCK HK CLONES; HANDGUNS; KRISS VECTOR; Custom Rifles. AR-9 Rifles; AR-15 Rifles; AR-10 Rifles; Big Bore Semi Auto Rifles; Custom Pistols. AR-9 Pistol; AR-15 Pistol; AR-10. Springfield's new SOCOM 16 CQB M1A is a great version of a classic firearm, but it's very difficult to review. The problem faced by any reviewer of this gun is the same as the problem faced by the gun itself: many people love the M14 family because it's a classic firearm and they appreciate the classics, but this particular model has gone full tactical in a way that old-school, gimme. SOCOM Gear is dedicated to producing rifles, pistols, parts and accessories all made with strict attention to detail to match their Real Steel counterparts. About Les Baer Custom Inc. For more than a quarter century, Les Baer Custom has focused on equipping the most discriminating members of the firearms community with the best quality, most. Threaded 5/8-24 with a 1:14 twist. Pistol length gas system. Barrel weight: 1.52 lbs. 12.0″ Light Weight barrel profile is .775″ under the hand guards, .750″ at the gas block, and .740″ to the muzzle. Threaded 5/8-24 with a 1:14 twist. Pistol gas sytem. Weight 1.12 lb

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