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Enter Settings (long press the button with the gear icon on the lower right of the remote). Click General (the button with the gear and wrench). Scroll down to the bottom and click HDMI ULTRA HD. Your new LG smart TV may promise high-dynamic-range support, but if your HDR-friendly content doesn't pop the way it should, you might have HDR support turned off. Thankfully, this can be easily.

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  1. There are HDR settings on the console, under video settings, that allow you to tweak things. The same settings section will also confirm that the PlayStation is outputting HDR. LG sets have an HDR game mode so it's worth using that, and you may want to tweak the settings for that on the TV
  2. If you are still on the fence , about weather or not you should buy an OLED by LG , Well I hope this video opens your eyes on what its possible with Oled E8.
  3. ance of SDR content for an HDR-like experience

HDR Efekt pro obsah SDR Funkce HDR , Efekt používá speciální algoritmus pro prevod standardního obsahu na vysokou kvalitu srovnatelnou s živým obrazem HDR. Skutecné barvy a široký úhel pohledu Monitor LG IPS poskytuje extrémne presnou reprodukci barev. , Širší pozorovací úhel znamená, že se IPS monitor.. HDR Effect: If your LG 4K UHD TV is HDR-compatible, those signals are detected automatically, and the TV adjusts accordingly. The HDR Effect also provides a similar effect manually for SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) content

Efekt a benefity HDR je ještě potřeba, alespoň obecně, rozdělit podle toho, zda se projevují na rovině samotného snímání či zobrazení. Na straně snímání HD R znamená, že fotografie či video dokáže zaznamenat zároveň nejtmavší i nejsvětlejší části bez ztráty kresby HDR obsahu, natož toho kvalitního, zatím mnoho k dispozici není. Na The Grand Tour jsem se ale přesvědčil, že se tvůrci učí rychle a upravují své postupy tak, aby se co nejlépe HDR využilo. Uncharted 4 mne pak znovu přitáhl k hraní, kdy jsem se především kochal úžasnými scenériemi. Verze bez HDR s mdlými, slitými. Hi, Just a question about hdr effect on sdr signal : Skip to Contents. toggle menu Help other members with their questions for a chance to become a LG Power User with added features, and reward benefits from LG. Win $500 Gift Card, LED OLED 4K TV. or Wireless Soundbar, V50 ThinQ Phone, when you register our LG product.. All LG's 2016 Super UHD TVs come with the award-winning webOS 3.0 smart TV interface - with multiple apps that support 4K HDR content. Discover more about HDR and LG's Super UHD TVs here. HDR, or high-dynamic range, is the current must-have TV feature. TVs that support it can usually offer brighter highlights and a wider range of color detail, for a punchier image overall. HDR.

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Skvělá až vynikající výbava, výborný intuitivní systém WebOS, povedený design a mnohou uživatelským možností, ale i IPS panel s RGBW. To je cenově dostupný 4K HDR televizor LG La fonction upscaller HDR ou HDR effect présente dans certaines TV et certains moniteurs LG est destinée à améliorer la plage dynamique des images conventionnelles afin de faciliter la perception des détails, notamment dans les zones claires et sombres. Ce dispositif permet de proposer un rendu HDR à partir d'un signal SDR

Of course, YouTube isn't the only place to get HDR on the go: Netflix has also recently released the news that it too supports mobile HDR on the Samsung Galaxy Note8, LG V30, Sony Xperia XZ1 and. Efekt HDR w fotografii. Technologia HDR jest istotna nie tylko podczas oglądania filmów czy grania na komputerze. Odgrywa również ogromną rolę w fotografii - i to niezależnie od tego, czy robisz zdjęcia profesjonalnym aparatem, czy smartfonem! Zastosowanie technologii HDR pozwoli Ci na ulepszenie ekspozycji zdjęcia Kilka tygodni po premierze nowych modeli LG OLED na 2019 rok, przyglądamy się jak prezentuje się na nich jakość HDR, która jest kluczowym elementem technologii 4K Ultra HD. To właśnie HDR jest czynnikiem, który bardzo często najbardziej wyróżnia się w grach czy filmach wykorzystujących trzy najważniejsze elementy sygnału Ultra HD czyli: rozdzielczość 4K, szeroka paleta barw. LG NanoCell TV 75 Inch NANO97 Series, Cinema Screen Design 8K Cinema HDR WebOS Smart ThinQ AI Full Array Dimming Price SR 32,999 Free Delivery - Within 10 Business Days (excluding official holidays and weekends

Pierwsi w Polsce sprawdzamy, czy LG OLED z 2019 (np. B9) rzeczywiście ma port HDMI 2.1 pod nowe konsole i PC w 4K@120Hz? 11 października 2020 Piotr Gmeru Gmerek 2 Active HDR. The 2017 LG OLED TVs now support HDR with 'Active HDR', which is similar to HDR10+ or HDR10 with dynamic metadata. This feature analyses the content frame by frame in real time to adjust the HDR tone mapping curve. This has the advantage of displaying each scene with an optimized HDR effect, as opposed to the HDR with a static. Welches 75 4K HDR LG Modell? Boombastic am 29.08.2017 - Letzte Antwort am 14.10.2017 - 10 Beiträge : LG TV Probleme mit Dolby Vision und HDR Codefrog am 05.02.2020 - Letzte Antwort am 27.03.2020 - 13 Beiträge : LG 65UF8519 / HDR kyrailli am 07.12.2016 - Letzte Antwort am 10.12.2016 - 3 Beiträge. Monitor LG IPS, UHD 4K HDR 10, Vyzkoušejte si efekt HDR. Nová generace - monitor UHD 4K HDR 10. Nyní zažíváme období HDR (High Dynamic Range)

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LG 27GL83A-B HDR effect looks better than HDR game mode. Discussion. Hi, So I've had this monitor (LG 27GL83A-B) and a Series X since launch. I play mostly NBA2k next-gen and some other games. When I've tried auto HDR on the Xbox, my monitor automatically switches into HDR game mode. HDR game mode looks WAY too dark and the colors are very. HDR Effect LG had added a feature called HDR Effect which is designed to take a Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) image and give it the appearance of High Dynamic Range (HDR). It achieves this illusion by mapping the content's Rec.709 colour gamut to the TV's native colour gamut and manipulating the gamma curve to brighten highlights and darken the. The LG 32UK550 monitor is based on a VA (Vertical Alignment) panel by Innolux, which boasts a static contrast ratio of 3,000:1, a wide 95% DCI-P3 color gamut, 10-bit color depth support, and a peak brightness of 300-nits.. Now, the main asset here, as well as with most VA panel displays, is the contrast ratio. In comparison, 4K monitors using other panel technologies (IPS and TN) at this price. LG delivers 144Hz, FreeSync 2 and HDR in the capable 34GK950F. It's a curved ultra-wide IPS panel with 3440x1440 resolution and DCI-P3 color. With an impressive feature set, it should be on. HDR Effect Yes (4K/2K) Dynamic Tone Mapping / Pro HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Dimming Algorithm LG Local Contrast Upscaler 4K Upscaler HEVC (Video Decoder) 4K@60P, 10bit VP9 (Video Decoder) 4K@60P, 10bit AV1 4K@60p, 10bit HGIG Mode MR Instant Game Response (VRR/ALLM) (- / Yes) VRR not available Picture Mode Yes 10 mode

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HDR Gaming settings. For HDR gaming, simply turn on 'HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color' for the HDMI port where you intend to connect your video game console or PC and select the 'Game' 'HDR picture Mode' to have the best input lag possible. Note that when in game mode, the color temperature control is not exactly the same as in other picture modes Yes LG released a firmware update a while back. Some models don't get the update through and so you have to go on the website, find the firmware page, search your TV model, read which firmware enables HDR game mode and download it onto a USB stick

Díky exkluzivnímu zpracování LG TV budete mít při přehrávání obsahu ve formátu HDR10 a HLG více možností, jak jej sledovat. Zvýšení kontrastu nabízí obraz jako HDR Funkce HDR Effect od společnosti LG využívá jedinečnou technologii zpracování obrazu, která převádí obsah se.. LG CX replaces last year's C9 as LG's most affordable, feature-packed OLED TV in 2020. It boasts Filmmaker Mode, HGiG Mode, Dolby Vision IQ, an upgraded video processor, FreeSync, and the 2020 OLED panel in addition to HDMI 2.1 and other features that are also found in last year's C9 LED monitor LG 27UL550-W LED monitor, 27, IPS, 4K UHD 3840x2160, 300cd/m2, 5ms, 1000:1, 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, Pivot, bílo-stříbrný 27UL550-W.AEU více než měsíc 9 939 K TVs PS5 Gaming Smart 65 Inch 70-75 Inch Brands 55 Inch 40-42-43 Inch 4k 48-49-50 Inch Xbox Series X 80-85 Inch 32 Inch Samsung OLED Under $1,000 Budget 60 Inch Outdoor Roku TV Monitor Sony Small QLED Flat Screen Sports Under $500 LG TV Shows Under $300 Sounding LED Vizio Movies HDR HDR Gaming TCL Under $2,000 Under $1,500 1080 The impact of HDR was reduced when I tried the same FH3 HDR toggling test on two less bright, less colour-rich and less contrasty HDR TVs: the LG 55UH770 and a Hisense 75M7900

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High-dynamic-range (HDR) images are often created by capturing and then combining several different, narrower range, exposures of the same subject matter. [1] [2] [3] [4] The two primary types of HDR images are computer renderings and images resulting from merging multiple low-dynamic-range (LDR) [5] or standard-dynamic-range (SDR) [6] photographs The monitor has 4 HDR modes: HDR Vivid, HDR Game, HDR Standard, HDR Cinema. For gaming, HDR Game is the best and most accurate for colors, response time, etc. but if you don't care about accuracy and how you are losing life expenctancy of your monitor due to post processing, HDR Vivid can be spectacular with fantastic colors Details about Lg 49 inch 4k TV HDR PRO and HDR effect See original listing. Lg 49 inch 4k TV HDR PRO and HDR effect : Condition: Used. Ended: 14 Oct, 2020 07:54:22 BST. Starting bid: £245.00 [ 0 bids] Postage: May not post to United States - Read item description or.

The game starts and seems to detect HDR (it offers me to set HDR options like peak brightness, which is not available when connected to a non-HDR screen). However, my TV does not go into HDR mode. LG TV's do this automatically when they detect and HDR signal, and it does this successfully when other HDR content is being played back through the. LG HU70LS setup and features Connectivity is good enough. To the rear are two HDMI v2.0 inputs, one of which is ARC enabled, plus two USB ports, a digital audio optical output and headphone jack. Game, HDR Effect, Expert Bright Room and Expert Dark Room), along with five HDR-centric presets. For most content, I found the Standard and Cinema. LG and Sony are doing active HDR with the current base standard HDR10 on all of the 2017 X1 Extreme processor TVs, like the A1E OLED, Z9D, X940E and X930E, and LG employs a very similar active HDR10 processing with their SJ9500, C7, E7, G7 and W7 OLED TVs

In addition, a feature called HDR Effect expands SDR content to simulate high dynamic range. Finally, the 2018 OLED models include black-frame insertion, which the 2017 models did not provide. Another important development is LG's partnership with Technicolor HDR 4K obraz na nové úrovni Technologie HDR LG televizoru se umí přizpůsobit mnoha formátům a dokáže tak zpracovat kvalitu obrazu snímek po snímku, což přináší přesnou obrazovou reprodukci. Aktivní HDR je lepší HDR LG's fine-tuned OLED impresses Steve May - even with an obvious spec-sheet omission The LG E9 is an exceptional 4K flatscreen. Available in 65in (as tested here) and 55in guises, it's the top-ranked integrated OLED in LG's 2019 lineup, positioned above the C9 and B9. Burdened with glorious functionality, it employs the second-generation Alpha9 intelligent picture processor and offers support. I just purchased a new 2019 LG OLED E9. Everything seemed to be fine until I got into the game and the screen just started tearing, flickering and becoming scattered. The issue happens as soon as the TV recognizes an HDR game or source and the HDR icon pops up in the top right corner Shop LG 75UJ675V 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart TV - Silver/Black. Large Appliances, Lighting, Luggage, Musical Instruments & DJ Equipment More consistent colour and contrast from any seats; Active HDR expanding your HDR

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HDR Effect. LG have a mode labelled HGIG on some of their models, this simply disables all tone mapping on the so that's games can handle it. Did we mention this is a wide gamut panel that has 95% P3 coverage. If you select info button on the lg remote , you should see BT2020 as the color range. 0b or DisplayPort 1. If bright scenes in the. HDR: HDR Dolby Vision IQ. HDR10 Pro. HLG Pro. HDR Effect: TV OLED 55'' LG OLED55GX 4K UHD HDR Smart TV. 2.185,00€. To test HDR I played Mass Effect: Andromeda and Battlefield 1 on the LG 32UD99. Colors are livelier and more detail can be seen in particularly dark and light areas of the game, which comes in handy in the vaults of Mass Effect and the shadowy corners of Fort de Vaux in Battlefield 1 LG 75UM7600PLB 75 Inch 4K Ultra HD HDR LED Smart TV with Google Assistant, delivers an incredible viewing experience but adds to it with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 4K Resolution Experience realistic images with detail and more colours, the 4K Resolution is four times better than Full HD Televisions

HDR Effect to SDR Content . LG UHD 4K HDR Monitor can transform standard content into HDR-quality video right on the screen. Using a picture quality algorithm, it improves tone mapping and luminance of SDR content for an HDR-like experience. True Colours and Wider View. LG IPS display has extraordinary colour accuracy, covering 99% of the sRGB. LG 49UM7390 . LG UHD TV Úhlopříčka 123cm Čtyřjádrový procesor Certifikované 4K Ultra HD rozlišení 4K Aktivní HDR (HDR10 PRO, HLG PRO, HFR, HDR Effect) Podsvícení Direct LED, ThinQ AI (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa), podpora Apple AirPlay 2 (připravujeme) Ovládání TV hlasem (vyžaduje Magcký ovladač DVB-T2/S2/C, H.265/HEVC 3x HDMI 2x USB CI+ LAN WiFi DLNA Bluetooth HbbTV. Standard HDR mode has the worst tone mapping of all LG modes, I would totally avoid it. With calibrated HDR Game Mode and X1X, Forza Horizon 4 (set @ 3.500 nits in HDR Video Settings) is absolutely glorious on my B7

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LG's 2019 C9 OLED TV was an incredibly compelling TV. It still is. Going into this review, it was hard to imagine that I could say anything more about its successor, the CX LG OLED pixels are what make it all possible, each turning on and off individually for truly infinite contrast. Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos®. True Home Cinema. LG OLED TV is the ultimate expression of a cinema-quality experience in the home. Premium content achieves the pinnacle of picture quality thanks to Active HDR with Dolby Vision™ LG has truly outdone itself with the new LG CX OLED - a TV that iterates on last year's C9 and somehow makes it even better, for our pick as this year's best 2020 OLED TV LG UltraGear 27GN950 gaming monitor review An awesome 144Hz 4k gaming panel, but not a true HDR experience By Jeremy Laird 04 November 2020 Comment

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Lg 4k hdr smart oled tv 55 inch tv SAVE money by comparing prices of 6 models Read reviews and expert (4K/2K) HLG Yes (4K/2K) FILMMAKER MODE™ Yes HDR Effect Yes (4K/2K) Dynamic Tone Mapping HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro 4K HFR Yes 2K HFR Yes Motion Pro OLED Motion Pro Upscaler 4K Upscaler HEVC 4K@120P, 10bit VP9 4K@60p, 10bit AV1 4K@60p. These settings are tailor made and compatible with ALL 2017 LG OLEDs variants (e.g. LG B7, C7, E7, G7, W7). If you have a 2018-2020 LG OLED you can start from the presets above and then apply the following changes: Use PC HDMI Icon in order to unlock 4:4:4 Chroma Subsampling for SDR and HDR (2019/2020 Series and HDMI 2.1 only Dolby Vision IQ,Filmmaker Mode,HDR Effect,High Dynamic Range 10 Pro (HDR10 Pro),Hybrid Log-Gamma Pro (HLG Pro) Podporované formáty zvukových souborů: AAC,AC3,AC4,EAC3,HE-AAC,MP2,MP3,PCM,WMA: Média pro přehrávání: HEVC,VP9: Technologie zpracování obrazu: LG AI Picture Pro,LG Face Enhancing,LG True Color Accuracy Pro: AMD FreeSyn LG MT IPS LCD LED 34 34UM69G - IPS panel . FEATURES Screen Size 34 Panel Type IPS Color Gamut (CIE 1931) sRBG over 99% Color Depth (Number of Colors) 6bit+A-FRC, 16.7M colors Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.312 x 0.310 Response Time 5ms GTG, 1ms MBR Refresh Rate 75Hz Aspect Ratio 21:9 Resolution 2560x1080 Brightness 250cd/m2 Contrast Ratio Mega Viewing Angle 178/178 Surface Treatment Anti-Glare 3H INPUTS.

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The LG C8 OLED will accept the standard HDR10, the dynamic metadata-toting Dolby Vision, the broadcast-friendly HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) and Advanced HDR by Technicolor There's no doubt the current HDR landscape is a little rocky, especially when you throw HLG (the broadcast HDR TV format), the LG-only Advanced HDR by Technicolor and, more crucially, Vision's main rival, HDR10+, into the equation. Unfortunately, there's a chance it could get more confusing as the new formats and standards settle

I recently purchased an HDR/4K-compatible graphics card (a GeForce 1080ti). I have a 4K HDR display (LG C7 65 OLED). When I first installed the card and drivers, the HDR option was turned on by default, and I was getting an HDR signal to the display. However, the resolution was set to 1920x1080. When I changed the resolution to 4K, HDR turned off Have a 4K lg tv want the tv in hdr effect mode it looks good but when I switch it it automatically goes back to vivid mode in second and I am wondering if it the hdmi cord? My port is already set to on for hdmi deep color also . 0 P. paulchezter Notable. Aug 11, 2018 252 0 860 86 Create a surround sound effect by connecting any two Bluetooth speakers to your LG UHD TV. Be more immersed in the game and feel the live atmosphere. *Connection Available : LG PK7/7W/5/5W, PL7/5, PN7/5, RM2, RN9/7/5, ON9/7/5 *The actual product may differ from image shown LG also added a feature to increase peak brightness for SDR content that allows it to look a little more vibrant — like HDR — without juicing up the entire image in a way that looks garish

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HDR Effect to SDR Content LG UHD 4K HDR Monitor can transform standard content into HDR-quality video right on the screen. Using a picture quality algorithm, it improves tone mapping and luminance of SDR content for an HDR-like experience HDCP 2.2 Compatible Connect with Confidence ; This LG UHD 4K monitor is compatible with the latest HDCP 2.2. Features Enjoy Breathtaking Clarity 4K UHD (3840x2160) presents four times the resolution of Full HD with HDR 10's industry standard for High Dynamic Range imaging. IPS with sRGB 98 percent True To Life Color IPS computer monitors help keep colors consistent at a wide viewing angle with reproducing 98 percent coverage of the sRGB color spectrum Product Description. Pump Up the Color. LG's 32 HDR Smart LED TV lets you see high definition in a way not previously possible. High dynamic range is now available on this high-definition television with LG's advanced tone mapping technology, which provides scene-by-scene optimization for a more striking HD image Jak dla mnie jeśli LG to tylko OLED i co ciekawe nie trzeba tak wiele dopłacać W budżecie zbliżonym do testowanego modelu z telewizorów lcd mamy sony xf9005 i samusunga q70 - oba mają o wiele wyższy kontrast i jaśniejsze matryce, co (szczególnie w przypadku sony) daje świetny efekt hdr. Co do maks jasności hdr w LG, to.

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Lg hdr game mode too dark. Hoping my next HDR game is better in this regard. Help, please! I have an LG 27UL850-W :X. Lg hdr game mode too dark Lg Hdr Game Mode Settings I'm on the PS4 Pro with a 4k monitor that does not support HDR and so I have set HDR to off on my PS4 but the game is still much darker than it was prior to the patch and it's causing an effect known as crushed blacks where. item 3 LG 32LM6300PLA 32 Smart Full HD HDR LED TV - Currys 3 - LG 32LM6300PLA 32 Smart Full HD HDR LED TV - Currys. £229.99. Free postage. For picture mode I chose HDR effect. Modified settings of sharpness 30, colour 60 and colour temperature W10 made it look natural. Biggest downside with this TV is no live-rewind on USB memory stick Buy LG 43 Inch 43UN73906LE Smart 4K UHD HDR LED Freeview TV at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery £3.95, or fast store collection HDR (high dynamic range) provides a higher level of contrast between light and dark screen images for a truly realistic picture; 120Hz refresh rate and Motion Pro enhancement technology give you a smooth, seamless visual experience; Dolby Vision IQ automatically adjusts your picture settings depending on ambient lighting conditions and content genre HDR 10 Pro & HLG Pro Enjoy content in lifelike high definition. LG UHD TVs provide optimal HDR picture quality with the support of major HDR formats including HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro. Ultra Surround Dive into the art of sound. Multiple virtual audio channels create a more immersive sound experience

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Enjoy movie nights at home with the LG 75UN81006LB 75 Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV. With a 4K display and AI upscaling, everything you watch is packed with life-like detail.And with Active HDR, the TV remasters each scene as it plays to display rich colour and vivid detail, exactly as the producers intended. Ultra Surroun HDR Plus is the technology that enables the UH9500 and UH9550 to show 4K HDR content as they were meant to be seen. What's more, LG's ULTRA Luminance technology greatly enhances contrast between dark and bright areas, greatly enhancing the HDR effect Buy Lg - 65 4K UHD HDR Smart LED TV with Freeview HD. Get the best prices with fast delivery. Order today - MPN: 65UN73006LA.AE The HDR effect is quite good when watching movies and playing games at 4k. Though I mostly play older games they look amazing at 4k and the monitor HDR effect on. It is a chore to switch back and forth but with the joystick control, it makes it quite straight forward to make these adjustments

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Do tej pory HDR było znane przede wszystkim w fotografii, gdzie pierwotnie oznaczało nanoszenie na siebie od 3 do 5 fotografii o różnych nastawach ekspozycji, żeby uzyskać jak najlepszy efekt Descripción del LG OLED 55″ 55B9SLA. Televisor LG OLED de 55″ 55B9SLA TV 4K, con Inteligencia Artificial, Procesador Inteligente α7 Gen.2, Deep Learning, 100% HDR, Dolby Atmos/Vision, HDMI 4, y una eficiencia energética de A++. Presentamos el LG 55B9SLA Características Clave

HDR Effect mode delivered basically a higher brightness version of Cinema mode, with similar color accuracy, ability to hold gradations, and black level. However, its higher brightness gave presentations noticeably better contrast for graphics with black backgrounds and gave photorealistic images in darker scenes both better contrast and. Fernseher Lg Ce Uhd Hdr Led-Tv 140Cm 55Um7050Plc.aeu. Preis ab 549,95 Euro (03.12.2020). Jetzt kaufen Efekt HDR. Monitor LG UHD 4K HDR może przekonwertować standardową treść na format HDR wprost na ekranie. Specjalny algorytm poprawia mapowanie tonalne i luminancję treści SDR, zapewniając jakość zbliżoną do HDR

This model supports two HDR formats - HDR 10 and Hybrid-Log Gamma (HLG) - and runs LG's intuitive webOS smart platform. Note that, of the free UK catch-up apps, only BBC iPlayer is available. Buy LG 65 Inch, 4K HDR Smart, UHD TV, 65UN7340PVC from eXtra today! Free home delivery on eligible products or collect in store

LG CX OLED review: What you need to know. As you'll know by now, the LG CX is a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) HDR smart TV. It's the most affordable OLED from LG to feature an Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor. W sieci, w różnych sklepach LG 27GN950 możecie znaleźć w cenie około 4000 PLN. W pierwszym odczuciu może wydać się to dużo, jeśli jednak popatrzymy na to co oferuje ten model (27 cali, 4K, 144 Hz, Nano IPS z 10 bit kolor, dobry HDR, G-Sync i FreeSync), to już takie to oczywiste nie jest Los LG TV son los únicos que reproduce todos los formatos HDR (Dolby Vision™ / Advanced HDR by Technicolor / HLG / HDR10 Pro / HDR Effect) ya que cuentan con 4K Cinema HDR. Además podrás difrutar de sonido cinematográfico en tu hogar con Dolby Atmos®, exclusivo en LG. *Requiere LG Magic Remote y puede ser necesaria una compra por separado Televize LG OLED65BX černá . LG OLED TV 164 cm/65 » 4K Ultra HD rozlišení » Procesor Alpha7 4K Gen3 » Cinema HDR (HDR10 PRO, Dolby Vision IQ, Technicolor HDR, HLG PRO, HFR, HDR Effect) » FILMMAKER MODE » AI obraz » Pixelové stmívání » Wide Color Gamut » ThinQ AI (Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa), podpora Apple AirPlay 2 a HomeKit » Vyhledávání a ovládání TV hlasem » DVB.

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